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Learning Detectives


The learning detectives at Camp Hill Primary have only been in place since January 2014. They are a new group of children, one from each year group that meet once every half term and go into classes and look for learning.

Mrs Barrass was extremely keen for Camp Hill Primary School to have a group of learning detectives, as she had seen how well it had worked at other schools. So Mrs Diaz and Mrs Bailey went to visit another school, (Milverton Primary, Leamington) to see their learning detectives at work. Mrs Diaz and Mrs Bailey were amazed with the work they did and could not wait to get started back at school.

Mrs Diaz introduced what learning detectives are to the whole school, letting them know what learning detectives are and what they do. The children then decided if they thought they would like the role of a learning detective and if so they completed an application form to Mrs Diaz.


Mrs Diaz then chose 1 child from each class (or 2 if the choice was too tricky!) and introduced them to the whole school.

Our Learning Detectives

Our Learning Detectives 1 Lilly Fissenden - 2KLA
Our Learning Detectives 2 Maisie Wheeler - 2RW
Our Learning Detectives 3 Lydia Low - 3TM
Our Learning Detectives 4 Leighanna Milbourne - 3CW
Our Learning Detectives 5 Poppy Rutherford - 3CW
Our Learning Detectives 6 Katie-Marie Ray - 4SH
Our Learning Detectives 7 Courtney Cator - 4SH
Our Learning Detectives 8 Benjamin Johnson - 4SH
Our Learning Detectives 9 Cody Kent - 4HL
Our Learning Detectives 10 Jack Smith - 5LM
Our Learning Detectives 11 Sky-Leah Painter - 5LM
Our Learning Detectives 12 Cameron Earp - 5DP
Our Learning Detectives 13 Amelia Wilkes - 5DP
Our Learning Detectives 14 Bethany Bailey - 6EB
Our Learning Detectives 15 Jack Valentine - 6EB
Our Learning Detectives 16 Lily-Mai Lockhart - 6EB
Our Learning Detectives 17 Gracie Atkins - 6RS
Our Learning Detectives 18 Niamh Bond - 6RS
Our Learning Detectives 19 Jessica Bowerbank - 6RS
Some of our Learning Detectives have either gone to high school or left for other schools, which left our group low in numbers. We were keen to get more Learning Detectives so that we can visit more classrooms in our time., so we re-advertised and appointed some new detectives. We will soon be looking for some year 1 detectives to join our team!

 What we do

The children then go into classrooms, following their rules and using the form to look for learning.


The things that they look for are:


  • Good looking, listening and joining in
  • The correct noise level for the task they are doing
  • That children are talking about their work
  • There are happy and active children
The children take photos of the good learning that they see.
They then come back together and discuss the good learning points they saw and the things that could be made better. They create a poster to show the good points and points for improvement and use these pictures on there.


The Learning Detectives then work really hard to make posters and write a script ready to present to the classes.




Here are some of our posters:

Here are some of our posters: 1 This was made on the day England played Wales 2016
Here are some of our posters: 2 2RWs poster was made during the Olympics 2016.
Here are some of our posters: 3 The traditional tale poster was made for 6EB.

What's New?

As part of our whole school development, we are trying to support children to be able to talk about their learning, progress and next steps in lessons. This is something we thought the Learning Detectives would be able to help us with.

As part of their day they speak to different groups of children about their learning. They look with the child at their last 3 pieces of work and ask them key questions about their learning.



This is something that we have only recently started and both the Learning Detectives and other children still need some support with. We will be continuing this next year.







To see more of our work, come and see our displays in school.