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Here you will find information including photographs of what your child has been up to in Year 1. 

Religious Education - Sacred Texts

In R.E, we have been learning about Sacred Texts. This unit has been interesting as we have been able to look at different holy books such as the Bible, Quran and the Torah. The children have learnt that all religions have different rules in which believers follow. We looked at Judaism and how they follow the Ten Commandments. These are a set of rules Jewish people should follow. We made our own Torah scrolls and wrote a set of rules on them. The rules were chosen by the children as things we should do to make the World a better place.

Dimensions - Land Ahoy! 

We're Nasty Pirates!

The children came up with their own Nasty Pirate names using alliteration. There were some brilliant names and the children used facial expressions and body language to go with their names. Even Mrs Vernon and Mrs Whitworth were given Nasty Pirate names!

Dimensions - Land Ahoy! - Music

We're Nasty Pirates!

The children have been learning a song called "We're Nasty Pirates!". They came up with their own facial expressions, dance moves and actions to perform the song in pairs to the class. There were some fantastically creative dance moved and the children had so much fun they ask to sing the song all the time!

Maths - Ordinal Numbers

We have been looking at ordinal numbers. These are numbers that tell us the rank or position of something or someone, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. We conducted silly races where the children hopped, ran like they were made of jelly, skipped or tiptoed to the finish line. We determined who came 1st. 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in each race.

Maths - Measuring

The children have explored different methods of measuring. They used cubes, counters, even their hands and feet to measure objects around the classroom! They then moved on to measuring with a ruler and learning about centimetres and metres.


Dimensions - Land Ahoy!

The children researched different boats and it was amazing what they already knew about boats and how they worked! We looked at videos of boats sinking and they were able to make links with their prior knowledge, even knowledge of The Titanic! Children used found objects, loose parts and junk modelling materials to make their own boats. We then tested the boats to see which floated, which sank and what materials did the best job. Lots of the boats floated! The children found that the best boats were made of waterproof material and were lightweight.

Dimensions - Never Eat Shredded Wheat - Aerial Photographs 

In our topic theme 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat', the children investigated aerial photography. We looked at aerial photographs of familiar places such as our school, the area in which we live and shops in town. The children then used loose parts to create their own farmyard scene to photograph from above.