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The Stone Age
The children have just began their exciting topic of Stone Age looking at life in the cavemen times! We have discussed life from millions of years ago and how it differs to present day. We have also studied the types of homes they used to live in and how luxurious our homes are now. 


Rocks and Soils 
The children have been exploring man-made and natural rocks during science. We will be looking at volcanoes and how rocks are made and exploring the journey they go on. This also links in well with our English book 'The pebble in my pocket' which gives us a timeline to explore how pebbles and stones have come about.


We have just started looking at money within maths, from recognising different coins and notes to solving difficult word problems. The children have been making amounts with real coins and practicing giving change.


The children have been looking at a pebble and its journey through time. The children wrote their own short adventure story describing a journey their own pebble has taken. The children have also been looking at climate change and global warming and the effects it has on our planet. They have written a persuasive speech to the rest of the class to try and convince people to make a change. The children will also be looking at the future and what may happen in a million years time!


Instructions 1
Instructions 2
Instructions 3
Instructions 4
Instructions 5
Instructions 6
Here the children followed a set of instructions to either make a spiders web - using string and wool or a fish out of a paper plate. This was part of our English topic of instructions and animals.

Egyptain Day

Egyptain Day 1
Egyptain Day 2
Egyptain Day 3
The children dressed in their best Egyptian Costumes from mummies and pharaohs to Cleopatra and Tutankhamen as part of our Spring Ancient Egypt Topic.