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This week, 5EW started a new topic all about Shakespeare! They had to fill in answers to a quiz by finding the relevant information on cards scattered around the school grounds. It was also very snowy this week -  we had to battle through some blizzards!

As part of their America topic, 5EW made dream catchers. This Native American Indian tradition is supposed to ward off bad dreams by catching them in its web and letting only the good dreams pass through.


The children made the frame using sticks of willow and then Mrs Milbourne showed them the technique of using string to create the dream catcher pattern. They then added beads and feathers to decorate.

5EW helped to make wreaths to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Our year 5 Forest School Ambassador, Layton Kent, also stayed behind to help sell them.

On Friday, the children in 5EW continued their space theme and made rockets! We looked at making them more streamline and discussed the best air resistant shapes. Then the class worked in teams to turn a plastic bottle in to a rocket! Can you see what additions they made? Which one do you think will go the furthest when we launch them!?

This week, 5EW made alien dens to link in with their new space topic! We discussed what kinds of things aliens might need in their dens. The children thought of a range of imaginative ideas including satellites to connect with their friends back in space and an alien version of Harry Potter!

On Friday, the whole class came outside and took part in an investigation! They had to use the map to find the clues that had been left around the school and then decide who the culprit was. Afterwards, we used the skills they had learnt last year to build a fire and boil the kettle. They then enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit before playing some team games.

This week, 5EW took their crime and punishment topic outside...

  • They played a game solving clues and finding letters to spell out words that linked to their topic.
  • They used their art skills to draw facial composites. (A facial composite is a graphical representation of an eyewitness's memory of a face. They are used by police in their investigation of crimes and help to reconstruct the suspect's face in hope of identifying them).
  • They also investigated their own fingerprints by lifting them with baby powder and sellotape and then by using ink on paper.


Here are some types of fingerprints. What does yours look like?


Image result for types of fingerprints