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Silly Science Workshop for Science week

English debate about keeping dragons in captivity.

World Book Day 2020


Year 5's themes for World Book Day was Roald Dahl and we had lots of amazing costumes including Matilda, Mr Wormwood, Fantastic Mr Fox, OOMPA lOOMPAS and much much more! 


In the morning we looked at how to use our 'Matilda Magic' and moved things without our hands. To do this we looked at magnets, air resistance, water  resistance and static energy. In the afternoon we red extracts from various Roald Dahl books and then performed some of these in the whole school sharing assembly. 

Our Viking Class Assembly

Forces- Friction

ART- Flower bruising to make patterns

DT Week- How to time your dragon

Geography- Contour maps with potatoes

Forces- Magnetism

Christmas Willow Wreaths and Cards

DT- Theatre Boxes

Mental Health Workshop- session 4

Stratford-upon- Avon Trip and 'The Play's the Thing' workshop

This trip allowed year 5 children to take part in applying their English and Drama skills by applying them in an inclusive and interactive workshop with professional actors who specialise in Shakespeare. Our visit to Stratford also enable the children to work historically and apply the facts and knowledge they have learnt about Shakespeare to his famous birthplace and town, including the church where he is buried. 

Artis Menatl Health Workshop #3

Artis Mental Health Workshop session 2

Maths Week! 


We have been celebrating Maths week by looking at data handling. This included collecting our own data (how tall we are), making graphs and then answering comparative questions about them. We really enjoyed applying the maths skills to real life!


Halloween Disco

RE day- Celebrating Diwali

We have had a whole school RE day where we have been learning about the Hindu festival of light- Diwali. In year 5 we have been looking at the main characters in the story of Rama and Sita as well as making our very own Diwali lanterns. 

Forest School

Year 5 parent's meeting Powerpoint

Living things- Exploring Plants 

We have been looking at how plants pollinate their seeds and how plants are formed. 


We have been looking at the book 'Treason' by Berlie Doherty and did some research in order to find out some more facts about crime and punishment in the Tudor era.