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Art and DT week Tuesday 15th June - Thursday 17th June 2021


This year our art and DT week theme was animal sculptures. Each class was given a wooden carving of their chosen animal and have been challenged to bring it to life using a range of materials and resources.  


The children have practiced many different skills this week including painting, drawing, printing, clay sculpture and lots more!


The finished pieces look absolutely amazing and once they have been varnished, they will be displayed outdoors around our school.


Here are some photos of our finished pieces. 


We have had so much fun this week!



Animal Sculptures

We are following the Kapow Primary Art and Design Scheme.


Here are some photos of what the children have been doing in art and design so far this year!

This half term the children have been exploring two of the formal elements of art, texture and pattern. The children began by experimenting with different marks that charcoal can makes. After this, they explored geometric shapes using polystyrene in order to make a printed stamp. Then they drew an image and selected a section to trace, flipping and tracing into the next square of the quadrant until the 'flip pattern' is complete. Finally they will design their own willow pattern style plate based on a tale of their choice. 


Here are some photos of the children!

This half term the children have been introduced to cave art. They have reflected upon the purpose of the drawings before working on developing their sense of proportion in drawing. The children used pva glue and salt to create a rough based texture to mimic the stone wall inside of a cave. They then added cave painting drawings using pastels.


Here are some photos of the children's fabulous work!

This half term, the children in year 2 are focusing on sculpture and mixed media. They have used plasticine and wire to turn their drawings into 3D! The children have worked in groups to create composition with figures, splashes and action words, adding texture, definition and pattern to the piece. In the style of Lichtenstein, the children have applied a dot matrix effect, colour and shadows to their art work.


Here are some photos of their fantastic work!

Year 1

On the theme of the natural world, the year 1 children have made sculptures, collages and 3D models of creatures. Finished off with a class spider sculpture, inspired by Louise Bourgeois.



Linked to expressive art and design, the children in reception have the opportunity to be part of focused continuous and enhanced provision every day. The children play, explore and actively develop their independence and thinking skills. 


This half term reception children have been painting their own self-portraits, they have created face collages and made mirrors. As well as this they have explored the creative resources and used their own ideas to create their own models, paintings and pictures. 


Here are some photos of the reception children exploring in the creative and junk modelling area.

Key worker children have really enjoyed their weekly input for children's art week which has been spread over three weeks. 

The themes have been...

  • Week 1 - The Natural World
  • Week 2 - Connecting across generations
  • Week 3 - Literacy and creative writing

Children's Art and DT Week 2020

Art and D.T. week February 4th - February 6th


For art and D.T. week this year, each class were given the challenge of creating a piece of art work on a canvas based on a book that they have read in their classroom. KS1's canvasses were art based and KS2 had the challenge of adding D.T. elements into theirs too. Here are some photos of the children taking part and of the parents coming to view our art gallery. 


Year 6 chose to base their art work on the book 'Francis'. This is a book that the children have been reading for pleasure in their classroom. They practised lots of different skills such as painting, drawing and 3D sculpture when creating their masterpiece. As well as making their canvasses, they created a setting by using chicken wire, cardboard and paint to make the tree from the story. They also made some clay models of the animals from the story. They all look fantastic!

Year 6 - Francis

5HC had a fantastic time creating their canvas for art/D.T week. They based their art work on the book 'How to Train Your Dragon'. They had the challenge of adding D.T. elements into their canvas so they used split pins to create moving mouths on their dragons. 5NT also based their art work on the book 'How to Train Your Dragon'. For their D.T. challenge, they included a clock on their canvas. They both looked fantastic!

5HC - How to Train Your Dragon

5NT - How to Train Your Dragon

Year 4 had a wonderful time creating their canvas for art/DT week. They based their art on the book ‘One Plastic Bag’ and have really become interested and passionate about plastic pollution. 4EB not only created a whole class jigsaw for Isatou Ceesay but they created a series of statements from their poems and provided parents/ carers with 6 ways that they could reduce plastic pollution.

4EW drew their own versions of Isatou Ceesay and then used different coloured plastic bags to stick on their drawings to add different colours and textures. A lot of fun was had by all!

4EB - One Plastic Bag

4EW - One Plastic Bag

1KE based their art work around the book 'Lady Lollipop' as the children have loved reading this book in class. They used different materials to collage onto their canvas. The children had so much fun completing the project!

1KE - Lady Lollipop

1NL based their art work on a book that they have been reading for pleasure in their classroom 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'. Each child designed their own crayon and then wrote a post card home. They stuck their postcards and crayon designs onto their canvas and then melted crayons over a template that said 1NL. It looks amazing!

1NL - The Day the Crayons Came Home

RSCB have chosen to base their art work around The Gruffalo and RTM have chosen to base their art work around Room on the Broom. The children have been busy creating their scene from the book using a variety of different skills such as drawing, painting and collage. Below are some photos of the reception children in action!