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Miss Ashby and Miss Ashton are running the choir this year for children in y1-y6. Rehearsals take place on a Thursday evening from 3:30 to 4:15.


Christingle at Coventry Cathedral.


On Wednesday 4th December choir took part in the Christingle Service at Coventry Cathedral. Here we learned about Christingle, sang some songs as a congregation, listened to others perform and performed our own song – This Christmas Time. The song is beautifully written and the words tell us a really important message about being grateful for everything we have (see below). The children responded sensitively to this song and really understood the importance of the true meaning of Christmas. The children’s behaviour was exemplary throughout our visit and the children showed a great confidence and a passion for music during their performances. What an experience!

In a cold stone church, under moon and stars,

People stand as the organ starts,

And the candles flicker into the dark,

This Christmas time.


There’s a child awake in her bed upstairs,

Snuggled up with her teddy bears,

As she thinks of presents she says her prayers,

This Christmas time.


CHORUS: Merry Christmas to you,

Merry Christmas ev’rybody,

Here’s to friends old and new –

And to the Christmas time


In a steamy kitchen a mother stands.

Peeling parsnips and boiling ham.

How she hopes the dinner will go to plan,

This Christmas time.


In an empty street under cloudless skies,

Sits an old man with bundles tied.

And he huddles down for another night,

This Christmas time.




Here’s to the message the angels sang.

Here’s to the Saviour who came for all men.

Born for you and for me,

For strangers and friends.


There’s a world still needing to hear good news,

More than presents and Christmas food.

May you find the love that God has for you,

This Christmas time.