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Hartshill Hayes Volunteers 2020/21
We are lucky to be able to go to Hartshill Hayes again this year. Our new children are from Mrs. Burley's class. Mike is still the ranger and was pleased to welcome us back. 

Week Two

This week Mrs Thorpe and Mr. Paterson worked with the children and Mike to dredge the pond of all the sticks, branches and logs that people had thrown in.

Week One

The children went to the park with Mrs. Harwood and Mr. Paterson. They were introduced to Mike who gave them a health & Safety talk. He then explained the afternoon's work and they began.....


A new group of Hartshill Hayes Community Volunteers.

The new school year means a new group of Hartshill Hayes Community Volunteers. The children met Mike and he informed them that their first task was to help to clear the pond as it had become overgrown. There were logs and branches in the pond and it was suffocating in weeds. The water was turning stagnant. As you can see, the children threw themselves into the task. (Liam literally, as he fell in!) Mike was really pleased with our first weeks efforts. Well done everyone!

Our second week at Hartshill Hayes found us continuing to work on the pond so that Mike could move in with the digger and shape the banks.

This visit we learnt about the tools needed for coppicing and how to use them safely.

This week at Hartshill hayes we loaded some logs that were cut by the chainsaw into the rangers van. Then we did some litter picking in the woods.

Hartshill Hayes Community Volunteers 
We are the Hartshill Hayes Community Volunteers. We volunteer to help maintain our local Country Park. We use the minibus to travel to Hartshill Hayes every other Wednesday morning. Our Teacher is Mrs. Thorpe who is supported by Mrs. Thomas and Alex Paterson. The Ranger who directs our activities is called Mike.
This is the display showing the school and visitors the activities that we have been doing to help the ranger at Hartshill Hayes.

We have enjoyed learning new skills helping the ranger at Hartshill Hayes. As a treat at Christmas time we were shown how to build shelters and how to toast marshmallows over a real fire!

Happy Christmas!

We now have a new group of volunteers from Year 5. Here are some pictures of their first two visits to Hartshill Hayes as volunteers.

Week 1 - The children were taught how to use the tools to cut and bend branches of willow and stick them into the ground to encourage them to root.

The stringy bark from some trees makes the strongest of strings used many years ago to tie beam of wood together in ship building.

We were lucky enough to see two Tawny owls and a fox this week!

week 2 - The children worked on the memorial garden, planting snowdrops and replacing the plastic protection around the trees to stop the rabbits gnawing the bark.

In the woods there were some saplings that needed felling to thin the area out, which will allow the light in for the bluebells to grow.

This week at Hartshill Hayes Ranger Mike demonstrated his protective clothing. We couldn't believe how expensive it was! He also introduced us to new tools and we watched in awe as he used the chainsaw to cut up tree trunks.

Our tasks this week were to cut down trees that were encroaching on the path and blocking out the light where plants such as bluebells needed to grow. We learnt how to do a beak cut before using the bow saw to cut into the back of the trunk and fell the tree. Mike was very impressed with the skill of Leeland, who cut a near perfect beak into a tree.

This week we worked really hard at Hartshill Hayes to clear the area around the mott and bailey. This will enable the public to access the area all the way around the mound. We used our skills with the bow saws and loppers to do this task!

Here is the latest visit to Hartshill Hayes. This week we helped to make the car park safer by removing over hanging branches using a new tool, the extending loppers. We also helped to clear the sensory garden ready for the summer as it had become overgrown. I'm afraid that the rain stopped play and we had to leave early to get a warm and dry change of clothing before the rest of this mornings lessons!

We worked hard this week at Hartshill Hayes, making sure that people can sit comfortably on the benches without over hanging branches, that had really overgrown! We used the loppers to prune the branches. Some of us collected litter and others used the extended loppers to prune the higher branches on the main pathway. It was a very productive morning!