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Writing a Non-Chronological Report about the Ancient Maya


Research information needed to write your non-chronological report.

Use the Chocolate Tree Story and any extra information you can research. Ensure your extra research matches what you have already found. (There are some websites that might be useful attached below!)

Think about what sub headings you could use that will help to inform your research.

Examples of sub headings could be:

-Mayan food

-Mayan houses

-Mayan Gods and worship

-Mayan activities (i.e. football)

-Mayan structures (i.e. Chichen Itza)


Plan out your non-chronological report (using the plan attached below as a guide). Think about how you will organise all the information you have found in to subheadings. Then, write up your report using your plan and your research. Remember to use the success criteria (attached below) to help ensure you have used all of the features of a non-chronological report.