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At Camp Hill Primary School, our ambitious, sequential EYFS curriculum is personalised to our children’s backgrounds and ensures all learners build strong foundations to become passionate life-long learners. We recognise the importance of starting with what our children know and can do to develop and embed essential knowledge and skills. We recognise, value and celebrate individuality, culture and personal family experiences to foster an environment of inclusivity and mutual respect in our growing community. Building, modelling and promoting positive relationships, learning behaviours and social skills allow our children to explore and grow with confidence to be independent learners. From the children’s unique starting points, we focus on developing Speaking and Listening through quality interactions with adults and peers on a daily basis in a language-rich environment. By using quality texts that celebrate inclusion and diversity, we build the foundations for a life-long culture of reading and early writing.  We offer rich and creative opportunities and experiences to broaden our learners’ horizons and enable them to grow in a warm, caring and safe environment and work closely with families to support children’s development and share achievements.