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Friday 15th January

English: Oak Academy

Watch the following video and respond to the text questions. Then complete the writing task. Imagine you are one of Willie's new friends (George, Carrie and Ginnie) and you have just seen this happen. What are you thinking? Write a letter to Mr Tom to read to Willie to reassure him that everything will be ok. You might want to:

  • Reassure him that you still want to be his friend
  • Include an example of when you haven't been able to do something but with hard work now can
  • Offer to help him with his reading and writing

Classroom Secrets Kids:

Visit the following website and log in to your account using the details that your teacher sent to you on your welearn365 account. Complete the initial quiz for the week for Maths, Reading and SPaG and then any follow up activities you are given. Your teacher can see the questions you have answered and how you are getting on.

Art: Purple Mash

Log in to your WeLearn 365 accounts to access Purple Mash. Click on your 'To Do' section where you will find and activity to complete. Create your own animation on a topic of your choice by drawing in each frame. Save your work as your name into your class folder in Purple Mash so your teacher can see it.

Extra Afternoon Work:

Log in to your Bug Club, Spelling Shed or Times Tables Rockstars accounts.