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Well done Camp Hill Primary school for raising £391 for Children in Need 2019

Well done Camp Hill Primary school for raising £393 on Christmas Jumper Day 2019

On Friday 12th June Nursery and Reception children in Bubble 1 enjoyed taking part in a science experiment involving skittles (sweets) and warm water. The children watched in amazement to what happened to an arrangement of skittles when warm water was poured over the sweets. The children discovered that the shells of the coloured sweets which are made from sugar, melted when mixed with water causing a rainbow effect. The children also learned that if you combine two primary colours, you create a secondary colour. For example the colours yellow and red mixed together make orange.

Lockdown Activities part 2

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The second video sent in by one of our parents

Lockdown Activities part 1

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The first of two videos sent in by one of our parents.
Mollie and Macie's mum has sent us a couple of videos showing one of the things the girls have been doing during lockdown. The dances that they are performing were choreographed by the girls themselves. Very talented.

24th April 2020. The children made some bird feeders and put them in the playground

Today the children have been making dream catchers and working in the Forest school area, re-weaving the Willow and creating natural pieces of art.

2 photos sent in last week by a parent

8th April 2020

7th April 2020 This morning's keep fit session

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7th April 2020 This morning's flowers and rainbows

6th April 2020 - Today the children made Easter Eggs and Sock Bunnies

3rd April

2nd April 2020 Today the children watched 'newsround' and were reminded of the second ‘Clap for the NHS’ at 8pm. They then did some role play working in a doctors surgery and hospital in the hall and made paintings to display as an act of appreciation. Aren't they lovely pictures?

A certificate presented (safely) to one of our children by a neighbour for brightening up his street

2nd April 2020

1st April 2020

27th March 2020

26th March Morning Rainbows

25th March 2020 Afternoon Rainbows

25th March 2020 Morning Exercises

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25th March 2020 This morning's Rainbow Pictures

The first of our Rainbow pictures

Daily Exercise

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Our Online Safety Cadets kick started Safer internet day with an assembly

The Fire brigade came into school to deliver their important training on fire safety.

Their were demonstrations, dressing Miss Howard as a fire person and important information on what to do if there was a fire.

Unfortunately, they were called away to a fire, so we are awaiting their return!

The Police came into school to talk to the Year Six children about Transition to High school. They discussed:Peer pressure, Anti-social behaviour, Hate crime and Drugs.

The Police are frequent visitors to the school as familiar faces and support for those who need it.


PC Croshaw delivered a PPT presentation to Y6
Children raised their own questions
School Governors attended

The Subject Ambassadors prepared a Christmas feast of food from around the world for the Governors, subject leaders and other guests at our school.

An English afternoon tea set the scene for the day
Subject leaders were seated
The Governors arrived
The French club performed for the audience
The children waited on the guests

Nursery's attendance award

MacMillan coffee morning

Art and DT Week


This term our whole school topic has been 'Artists'. To end our topic we held a whole school Art and DT week. Each year group was given an artist and were asked to create a piece of artwork in the style of that artist using a particular skill such as painting, drawing or printing etc. 

Chocolate Bingo

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

World Book Day

6EB go and visit 1KLA for a reading activity

The Subject Ambassadors invited the Governors to a Christmas high tea in the Bistro. They prepared foods from different countries and waited on the Governors at their tables. Everyone enjoyed the event. Merry Christmas!

Paris Trip Day 1 - At the chocolate factory.

Some brilliant designs for the Design an Egg competition. Well done everyone who took part.

Easter Bonnet Competition winners

Spelling Bee

We entered a Spelling Bee competition against other local schools. The winners from YR, Y1, Y2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 went to Michael Drayton school to take part. (Unfortunately Bella in Y1 had to go on a school trip that day, but I'm sure she would have done really well!)

The competition was very tough and we were on the edge of our seats as we watched our children bravely give their spelling choices. We were impressed to hear them also give the definitions to the words, which at times became the tie-breaker.

There was a good sporting atmosphere and everyone cheered on all of the children which was really nice!

It was lovely to see the girls family's supporting them and we thank them for attending.

Now we are looking forward to the Maths Challenge in April!

Keira-Y5   Autumn-YR   Alise-Y4   Kadi Mai-Y2
Autumn's family came to support her!
Kadi Mai's Mum was here to cheer her on!
Keira's family were so proud!
Alise was so excited to be here!
Mrs. Thorpe was allowed to sit with KS1 children.
Listening carefully to the word.
Autumn wrote her spellings down.
Kadi Mai had learnt her spellings well!
Reading out her answer.
Alise was very brave to sit on her own.
Alise had to give a definition.
Alise came joint 3rd. Well done!
Keira had to spell words and give definitions.
Keira came joint second. Well done!

Coombe Abbey

Some of our Young Carers enjoying horse riding at Galley common riding school

This week the whole school took part in an Art day with a focus around circus pictures. The children were given a focus picture then they had to create their own version. This work was then shown in an exhibition at the end of the week. Well done Camp Hill Primary they looked amazing!!

Year 1
Year 2
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 1
Year 1
Year 4
Year 4
Year 3

An amazing effort by our year 1 children for their Easter project. The 'brief' was very open, to make something (a poster/model) about dinosaurs.

Y5 went to Compton Verney for a Viking experience. They had an amazing time learning to live like the vikings. (If you want to see more, look at the class book in 'Things we do, places we go to, people who visit us')

The latest visit to Hartshill Hayes by the Community Volunteers group, saw us working in the rain to trim overhanging branches in the carpark and clear the weeds from the sensory garden ready for the summer. For more action from this group visit 'Things we do, places we go to, people who visit us').

The subject ambassadors have planned trips for different year groups. Here are a few taster photos of these trips. To view the books look in 'Pupil Voice'

Y5 were challenged to climb the Skytrail. They pushed themselves to their own personal limits!

The Y1 children visited Riversley Park Museum to see the original illustrations from the BFG book by Roal Dahl. See more of this trip in the subject ambassador's book in 'things we do, places we go'.

The Reception classes had a visit from 'Life in the rain forest's' Paul Carpenter, who brought in a collection of creatures for us to learn about. The children were able to touch the creatures, ask questions and draw them. It was a great experience! See more of this visit in the subject ambassador's book in Things we do, places we go to'

Y4 subject ambassador trip to the MAD Museum.

Herbert Art Gallery Trip Year 3

Explaining different sculptures
Pretending to be sculptures
Clay sculpture- of Coventry
Metal sculpture
Metal sculpture
Marble sculpture
Bronze Sculpture
We made our own portrait sculptures
Thank you handshakes

KS2 Decorate and Design an Egg Competition


 There were a lot of fantastic entries to the competition and the children put in a lot of effort.  Can you spot your child's entry?







Reception & KS1 Easter Bonnet Competition

The children designed very beautiful and creative Bonnets and all looked amazing wearing them during our Assembly.





Robinwood 2017

Some more Robinwood photos

Robinwood 2017 Friday

Robinwood photos Thursday 16th March 2017