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21.01.22 - Due in 25.01.22


Your talk about this week is to retell your story to someone at home. You have been planning a story to carry on our book 'The Barnabus Project'. Can you retell the plot, talking about each stage of your plan? Where does your story start? Who are the characters? What is the problem that happens? Describe the new character you invented and how they meet them. How does the problem get solved? What happens in the end? 


Your write about this week is to complete two word problems and then think of your own word problem. The two you have been given look at multiplication. When thinking of your own problem you could use real items in your house to help you like we use base10 at school. 


Here is some extra information on multi-step word problems, for those of you who have one.

Every Week


Every week we give out homework on a Friday. It is due in on the following Tuesday. 


Talk about ...

Your talk about will link to something we have done in school this week. Talk about this with someone at home and get them to sign or write a comment. 


Read about ...

Your read about every week is to read a book on your bug club account. Remember you need to answer the questions on the bugs to complete the book. If you are having problems completing the bugs please let your teacher or teaching assistant know and we can help you with this at school. Some of you are having difficulty on certain devices. 


Practice it...

Your practice it asks you to log in to Times Table Rockstars and play some games. It is really good to practice your times tables every day if you can. Even just a few minutes every day will really help you to learn them. We can see when you have logged in and how long for when your homework is marked. Remember, all of the games you play contribute to the tournament!