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08.04.22 - Due in 26.04.22


Over the Easter holiday you have your activity passport homework. The activities we would like you to try this time are:


Write and perform a poem

Visit a museum

Make something out of chocolate


Don't forget to email your evidence in, or write, draw or print photos to put in your homework book. We love to see what you've been up to! 


Write and perform a poem

There are lots of different kinds of poetry. Here are some good bbc bitesize links about different kinds of poems.


Visit a museum

We have lots of great museums not too far from us in Nuneaton, with many of them being free. Most will have extra events on over the Easter holiday too. Here are some ideas.

Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery Nuneaton (Free)

Nuneaton Heritage Centre Nuneaton (Free)

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum Coventry (Free)

Lapworth Museum of Geology Birmingham (Free)

Coventry Transport Museum Coventry (Paid entry)

Midland Air Museum Coventry (Paid entry)

Thinktank Birmingham (Paid entry)


If you can't visit a museum in person, there are lots of museums which offer virtual tours online. 

The Natural History Museum

The British Museum 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The National Gallery


Make something out of chocolate

We're sure you'll have lots of chocolate around after Easter. See if you can use some to make something else out of chocolate. Maybe you could bake a cake or make some cookies. Or here is a classic recipe for chocolate easter nests. You can use shredded wheat, rice krispies or cornflakes to make the nests. 

Every Week


Every week we give out homework on a Friday. It is due in on the following Tuesday. 


Talk about ...

Your talk about will link to something we have done in school this week. Talk about this with someone at home and get them to sign or write a comment. 


Read about ...

Your read about every week is to read a book on your bug club account. Remember you need to answer the questions on the bugs to complete the book. If you are having problems completing the bugs please let your teacher or teaching assistant know and we can help you with this at school. Some of you are having difficulty on certain devices. 


Practice it...

Your practice it asks you to log in to Times Table Rockstars and play some games. It is really good to practice your times tables every day if you can. Even just a few minutes every day will really help you to learn them. We can see when you have logged in and how long for when your homework is marked. Remember, all of the games you play contribute to the tournament!