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Negative Posts on Social Media

Dear Parents/Carers

There has been a lot of negative posts and comments about local schools on social media recently including ours.

Schools are working tirelessly to keep your children safe, we are given strict guidelines to follow by powers much higher than us.   

Our staff risk their own health every day to protect you and your little ones. We want your children safely back in school and I’m sure you want your children back in school too.

We will keep everyone of you updated IF there was a reported case in school, staff do not want to be put at risk any more than the children.

This dreadful pandemic has taken the world by storm and no-one is completely safe so therefore we ALL need to be united if we want to beat this.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your child please speak to the school directly and not turn to social media so that you are given facts not assumptions.

We urge you to support the schools, teachers and staff. We are ALL in this together.

Please stay safe.