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Questions and Answers re: Lockdown

Dear Parents / Carers


Following last night’s news of a lockdown, here are a few questions and answers we are being asked by yourselves.


  • Q. Is our nursery open to every child or just Critical/Keyworker children?

A. Our nursery is only open to Critical/Keyworkers or vulnerable children.


  • Q.  If my child is eligible to be at school, can I take them to school only on my working days?
  1. If your child is eligible then you must commit to full time school for the whole of the lockdown period. We cannot take part time children. If you are already identified by the school as one of these categories you will receive a call or email inviting your child into school. If you do not hear from us and feel you meet the criteria please contact the school.


  • Q. What will happen about meals if I have free meals?
  • A. We will provide vouchers via email to you unless your child is attending school in which case they will get their meals here.


  • Q. Will there be wrap around care?
  • A. Breakfast club will open for eligible children in school but there will be no afterschool care.


  • Q. Which door and times will eligible children coming to school have to use.
  • A. We will continue as before Christmas using the same times and gates as before.


  • Q. Does my child have to wear uniform?
  • A. Yes where possible but we expect a change of clothes daily and understand this is not always possible.


  • Q. Do I still have to report if my child has a positive Covid test.
  • A. Yes this is very important that you contact school with positive tests only as we still have to track and trace.


We understand that you may other questions and we are happy to answer them on a one to one basis if you ring the school.


Thank you for your continued support.