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Very proud!

We are very proud of two of our students Tia and Brogan, they both have gone the extra mile to help someone else. We received this email from Marta at the CHESS Centre.


Dear Head,

I am writing this email to share Tia's and Brogan's achievement.

Parents and school can be very proud of these two good hearted girls.

As you possibly aware there is very poorly local little boy Kacper Goldiszewicz, his story has been shared in Nuneaton News on few occasions and whole world desperately supported in finding bone marrow donor to save Kacper's life and fight with leukemia.

Family need support in this very tragic moment, many fundraising events took place  over last month.

Tia and Brogan - despite the fact they never met Kacper - have been touched by Kacper's story and decided to help, gone extra miles, Chess Centre called me yesterday to ask to collect some money from these two girls who raised £36 for Kacper.




I decided to share this touching story with you, it touches my heart, well done Camphill Primary to teach children these values, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.