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Phonics and Reading at Camp Hill



In Nursery and Reception we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics scheme that gives us the progression for a systematic approach to teaching phonics. This is supported by 'Jolly Phonics' which is a scheme that has action rhymes for each letter as the children are introduced to them and this helps them to remember the letters more easily.
The children have a daily phonics session following the 'Letters and Sounds' programme.

In Nursery the 'two year olds' are introduced to Nursery rhymes and take home the weekly rhyme to share with their families. The Nursery children have a book of their choice to take home to share. This is recorded in their diaries.

In Reception we use the Bug Club scheme. The children are able to access this reading resource at home on line with books allocated to children at an appropriate individual level.
As well as group and individual reading the children take part in a daily guided reading session. During this session we read Bug Club books and the children have follow up work based on the book that they are reading. The guided reading is recorded in the children's diary.

As an incentive to read the children can take home a 'reading pet' and the parents are asked to put a photo of their child reading on Tapestry to share the learning experience.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we continue to follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics scheme that the children have been used to in Reception and the Bug Club. The child's reception results and also conversations with their previous class teacher help support the transition from Reception to year 1 to ensure that the children continue to make good progress in key stage 1.

At the end of year 1 the children will do a phonics screening test which is based on the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme and asks the children to read 50 age appropriate words that contain the sounds that the children should know for their age. These words are a mixture of real and nonsense words. The threshold for the test is released on a yearly basis and this score is then shared with parents. Any child who does not meet the threshold is then given additional phonics support in year 2 and then given a different phonics screening test in year 2.  

In Key Stage 1 the children have whole class guided reading .

When a child reads to an adult this is recorded in their home/school book for parents to see. Alongside their reading in school, we expect the children to read Bug Club books that are allocated by the teacher at the appropriate level as homework.


The Bug Club scheme is used from YR to Y6 and is the reading homework for all of the children.

If any child cannot access the Bug Club on line at home they are able to use a school Ipad at lunch time in order to read and the children do take full advantage of this opportunity.  


The whole school stops for a reading session at 3.05pm each day, where each class listens to an ongoing story.