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Pupil Questionnaires

We  value the opinions of all of our stakeholders in order to improve our school and make it an outstanding provision for all.  We therefore endeavour to conduct regular parent and pupil questionnaires in order to get feedback about our school. We have recently sent out parent/carer questionnaires and to then work alongside this we conducted child questionnaires too.

The Findings

  • All children feel safe at school
  • All children felt that they could talk to adults in the school
  • All children like school
  • They could name lots of things that they liked about school and some dislikes.
  • Overall children thought behaviour was good and those who were more hesitant gave reasons such as "Sometimes people push in the line"
  • The children do feel that poor behaviour is dealt with.
  • Children could say the things that they enjoy and don’t enjoy about their lessons and how we can make them better.
  • Most children like the homework they are given.
  • All the children felt that the changes to school had made it a better place.
  • They could name some of these changes.
  • They all enjoy the before and after school provision.
  • Children could think of very few other things to improve the school.
  • Overall children say they like their school very much.

Pupil Questionnaire