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Pupil Voice

Here at Camp Hill Primary School, we believe that our children are the most important people and we endeavour to give ALL children lots of opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being.

We have lots of ways that the children can do this formally, such as through the school council, learning detectives, subject ambassadors, pupil questionnaires and writing their own school newspaper. However we also want to create an ethos that allows the children to regularly share their opinions in an informal way, in class and also to Mrs Barrass. Mrs Barrass' door is always open to children (and staff!)

Thoughts of our school, by Lydia         


My name is Lydia and i have been at Camp Hill Primary since Nursery.  The teachers at this school are very kind and helpful and plan lots of fun lessons.  We do a range of after school activities such as: football, gymnastics, netball, choir and tag rugby which children have the option to attend. My favourite thing about this school is how children are listened to and given a voice through our school council, subject ambassadors and learning detectives.  They arrange a lot of fun things for us to take part in and help the school improve in lessons. 

Have a look at our Pupil Voice Powerpoint that was shared with all staff.