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Religious Education

Welcome to RE at Camp Hill Primary School!

Camp Hill Primary School offers children the opportunity to explore and develop their understandings, views and beliefs on the ‘big questions’ of life in consideration of religious and worldly views that are at the heart of the schemes of work in Coventry and Warwickshire’s Locally Agreed RE Syllabus 2017-2022. It is in accordance with this agreed curriculum and syllabus of work that pupils are ensured to gain a knowledge and understanding of religious and world views that promote children’s appreciation and understanding of a diverse world. Children will gain an understanding of all the six principal religions and recognise that many people hold non religious views. This supports children to gain an appreciation and view of inclusivity within their learning and capital. Children will receive challenge to their preconceptions of learning and all investigations undertaken by pupils into the big questions of our RE curriculum will allow them to gain an enriched enhancement of their cultural capital through exploration and expression of their own opinions and views towards the ultimate purpose of life, as well as an appreciation of others views. At Camp Hill Primary, we believe that RE lessons will ultimately support our children to become thoughtful members of our community and society through their education to make informed choices of their own views and beliefs with equal consideration of other peoples beliefs, views and faith. Ultimately aiding our children to promote cohesion and integration into a modern and diverse Britain in the plural world.

Aims and skills of progression for RE at Camp Hill Primary School in accordance with the agreed curriculum and syllabus of work from Coventry and Warwickshire’s Locally Agreed RE Syllabus 2017-2022

Aims and content of RE at CampHill primary school

Our Big Questions