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Safeguarding the well being of children is of paramount importance. 

Our designated safeguarding leads  at Camp Hill Primary are:


Mrs Louise Barrass (Head Teacher DSL)

Miss Whittingham (Deputy Head Teacher DSL)

Mrs Dianne Temple (Pastoral Team Leader DSL)

Mrs Jackie Wood      (Attendance Lead  DSL)

Miss Jodie Cartwright  (Family support worker DSL)


Mr Kevin Walsh  (Online Safety)

Andrew Parker (Safeguarding Governor)


If your child arrives at Nursery with an existing injury we would appreciate that you inform us. This will be logged on an existing injury form and will be passed onto our Pastoral Team. We will ask you to record on the form details of the incident which we will then ask you to sign. Like w


Existing Injuries

If a child injures themselves at nursery you will be informed and a written copy of the accident/incident given to you.


All information around Safeguarding can be found in a red file in the main school office and here on our webpage. This includes copies of our polices and procedures and local and national procedures and advice.


Please note that should the need arise for us to inform Social Services then you will be notified in the first instance ,unless by doing so would put the child at risk of further potential danger.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding safeguarding at Camphill Primary School.