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School council  Rights Links: Article 12 – Respect for the Views of the Child; Article 15 – Freedom of Association; Article 29 – Goals of Education

The main aim of our school council is to make Camp Hill Primary School a better place. We want to do this by giving the children the opportunity to have their thoughts, feelings and opinions heard and know that they count!

What skills should a good school councillor have?

Meet our School Council Representatives
At the beginning of the school year,the school council representatives were chosen by their class
because of there skills suitable to the role.
Every few weeks we have a school council meeting. Mrs. Thorpe sets an agenda with any whole school issues she would like our thoughts on and also any issues that we have raised in our previous meeting. At the end of each meeting we are also set a question to take back to our class and we feed this back at the next meeting.

The school councillors have a very important role as it is their responsibility to feedback to their class any decisions that we have made in the meetings, ask them questions to ensure we have everyone's opinions on the issues we discuss and also to be there to listen to the views at their class at informal times.

The school council are also responsible for a lot of changes that we make in school, these are some of the changes we have already made or are making:
  • The class attendance prize for the end of the term
  • The 'golden ticket' prize for individual children with 97% or above
  • Giving the children more ownership over their learning e.g. teaching at the start of a lesson on a Friday and choosing their topics
  • Keeping the toilets well-maintained and cared for
  • Helping to keep the school grounds tidy
  • Supporting with organising whole school events e.g. the Halloween disco
  • Deciding which clubs should be ran in school
  • Helping to improve the school dinners
  • Sharing the children's views on our school and how it can be improved
  • And there will be lots more to come.....

As a school council we have looked at the ethos and principles that were created by the staff and we have made our own ethos and principles from the children's perspective. We believe it encompasses our school, through the eyes of it's pupils.


The Children’s Ethos

Written by the School Council


Our school council believes that Camp Hill Primary School provides a fun and safe education, where every day is different and unique. The teacher’s make sure that our learning is always new, creative and exciting so that we learn to our full potential.


At school we feel safe, loved and cared for by every member of staff. We are always excited for the next new day at Camp Hill Primary School.


Our School’s Key Principles

These are the key principles that the School Council believe that Camp Hill Primary does to achieve our ethos.


  1. Staff ensure that they provide a high quality education that all children can access at their own level.


  2. The school provides lots of extra-curricular activities and trips to enhance our school experience.


  3. All staff accept us for who we are and offer help and support, not only with our learning but with any personal problems too.


  4. We are all made to feel safe when we are at school, through the security of our school building and also knowing that all of the staff are here to look after us.

Our Self Evaluation Form - written by the School Council

Meeting with Zelma the Catering area supervisor. We discussed the findings of the questionnaires that we sent out to the school.
Looking at the questionnaires to find out what the children thought of the school dinners.