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School ethos and principles

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Here at Camp Hill Primary School, the views of all our Stakeholders are vital to us. All staff worked together to write a whole school ethos and principles for the school, which was then shared with parents, children and Governors.

Following this, the School Council met to write their own version of the school ethos and principles, from the children's perspective. This was also shared with children, staff, parents and Governors.


Written by all staff:

At Camp Hill Primary our ethos is to provide every individual child with rich, creative and inclusive experiences which prepare them for a lifetime of learning and challenges! Through our warm, caring and compassionate approach, we will support and nurture every unique and special member of the Camp Hill family.


The 6 Key Principles:

Written by all staff:

  1. To create a safe and secure environment where all stakeholders feel confident, valued and respected.

  2. To promote good team work through open and honest communication and a sense of shared responsibility.

  3. To foster a culture of celebration where all successes are praised.

  4. For all stakeholders to be aware of and instrumental in promoting a shared ethos.

  5. To provide challenge at all levels in a professional and caring manner.

  6. To instill a passion for learning in all stakeholders that lasts a lifetime.

The Children’s Ethos

Written by the School Council


Our school council believes that Camp Hill Primary School provides a fun and safe education, where every day is different and unique. The teacher’s make sure that our learning is always new, creative and exciting so that we learn to our full potential.


At school we feel safe, loved and cared for by every member of staff. We are always exited for the next new day at Camp Hill Primary School.


Our School’s Key Principles

These are the key principles that the School Council believe that Camp Hill Primary does to achieve our ethos.


  1. Staff ensure that they provide a high quality education that all children can access at their own level.


  2. The school provides lots of extra-curricular activities and trips to enhance our school experience.


  3. All staff accept us for who we are and offer help and support, not only with our learning but with any personal problems too.


  4. We are all made to feel safe when we are at school, through the security of our school building and also knowing that all of the staff are here to look after us.