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Subject Ambassadors

Meet our Subject Ambassadors for 2021/22

Our applications are open for our new Subject Ambassadors for 2021/2022. These roles are only open to year 5 and there are 13 places to be filled. Your teachers will show you a power point presentation next week and application forms need to be handed in to Miss Bradford by Friday 22nd October. Interviews will be held after half term. Good Luck !!!!

Read our minutes of our latest meeting with Miss Bradford to discuss future events and what we have been doing with our subject leaders

Trip to Birmingham Town Hall 'We are going on a Bear Hunt' Musical organised by our Music Ambassador

What is a Subject Ambassador?

Each of us has a designated subject area and works closely with the coordinator of this subject area to ensure that all of the children in Camp Hill Primary School have the opportunity to achieve in all subject areas.


We also work together to ensure that Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development takes place in all subject areas, supporting our subject leaders with things such as learning walks, observations and pupil interviews etc.


Miss Bradford and Mrs Thorpe manage the Subject Ambassadors and helps us to link with the Subject Leaders.

We have regular meetings to review what has been going on in our subject areas and to decide what are next steps are!


Miss Bradford and Mrs. Thorpe also helps us to link with the Governors, who have a subject responsibility.

By working together all of us are aiming to improve the standards and raise the levels of attainment and progress at Camp Hill Primary School.

Meet our Subject Ambassadors 2019/2020

New School Year 2019/2020

We have started the new school year by meeting with our Subject Lead Teachers and devising questionnaires covering the range of Year groups.


We want to find out what the children think about the subjects being taught!


We want to find out what their likes and dislikes are!


We want to find out if they have any ideas for improving the subjects!


We have distributed the questionnaires and are now collecting them in ready to evaluate.


We will let you know what are findings are!smiley

We meet with Miss Bradford regularly and below is a copy of what we discuss and our plans on what we are going to do.

Take a look at our book to find out what we did at the museum.

The subject Ambassadors have been busy with their subject leaders. Here are some of the activities that they have been up to.

On Friday the Subject Ambassadors are doing a presentation for the Governors to show them what they have been doing so far!

We will include the presentation on this website once it has been delivered.

Also Kyle has his DT trip to the MAD Museum. So, watch out for photos from that.

Here are some photos from the MAD Museum. Then take a look at our book!

Kyle's trip to the MAD Museum

The Subject Ambassadors did a to the Governors detailing what they have been up to so far this year..

The School Year 2015/6

We have started the new school year by meeting with our subject leaders and discussing what we would like to do to improve our subjects at Camp Hill School. We are working together to produce a questionnaire to find out what the children in Camp Hill School think about the different subjects!

We will let you know the results very soon! Then we hope to have some exciting plans in place.

PE Ambassador's FUN SWIM reward session for the Year 5 Netball Team. 11.7.16.

Science and Geography Ambassadors' Trip to Plantasia, with Reception and Year 2. 1.7.16.

Art Ambassador's Trip to the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, with Year 3. 28.6.16.