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Thursday 25th February

English: Oak Academy

In this lesson, you will identify sentences written in the third person and then write your own sentence. In the main part of the lesson, you will begin by looking at where we find information from (which sources). Then you will decide which form of note-taking would be the most appropriate when retrieving information from a non-fiction text. Next, you will begin the process of reading from a non-fiction text about Charles Darwin. You will read and make notes for three subheadings: introduction, early life and school life. Email evidence of your work to your teacher.

Maths: Comparing and Ordering/Equivalent Fractions

Please check your emails for your Maths lesson Zoom link. The adult teaching you will email you the work after the lesson. Please send your completed work back to the same adult.


Read through the power point that looks at Coastal Features. Complete the activity sheet on how beaches and dunes are formed and email it to your teacher.