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Thursday 4th March

English: Oak Academy

In this lesson, you will start off by looking at two sentences and exploring whether they make sense grammatically. Then you will recap on the layout of biographies by looking at a modelled text about Jane Goodall. After that, you will recap your planning from the previous lesson and introduce the success criteria. The first three paragraphs of the biography will be modelled in the shared write part of the lesson. Straight after each shared write paragraph, you will have the opportunity to write your own paragraph. Email evidence of your work to your teacher.


Please check your emails for your Maths lesson Zoom link. The adult teaching you will email you the work after the lesson. Please send your completed work back to the same adult.

World Book Day

As it is World Book Day today we would like you to go onto the World Book Day website and choose and complete any 2 of the activities and email them to your teacher.