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Tuesday 9th February


Maths: Multiplying by 10, 100 & 1000

Please check your emails for your Maths lesson Zoom link. The adult teaching you will email you the work after the lesson. Please send your completed work back to the same adult.


Mrs Thorpe will be leaving us on Friday as she is retiring! We would like you to write a newspaper report about her time at Camp Hill and any memories you may have of her! If you would like to send a message as well for Mrs Thorpe, please email this to your teacher separately. (You might also want to ask any older siblings you may have to write something if they had her too!)



  • Mrs Thorpe has been teaching at Camp Hill since 1991.
  • She became the Early Years Lead in March 2000.
  • She became Assistant Head in September 2007.
  • She has worked in Nursery & Reception


Make sure you include the features of a newspaper report (we have done this before!) and try to think of a funny/snappy headline... 


PSHE: Oak Academy

Complete the intro quiz recapping last lesson. Watch the video on getting active and answer the questions. Then complete the final quiz and email your works to your teacher.