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Wednesday 3rd March

English: Oak Academy

In this lesson, you will start off by writing a complex sentence with a relative clause about Charles Darwin. Then you will look at what an introduction is and plan your own introduction for this biographical writing. After that, you will plan the main body of the text and break the main body into four paragraphs: Early Life, School Life, Voyages and Discoveries. For each paragraph, you will refer to notes made from the previous lessons and insert opening sentences and linking sentences. Finally, you will plan a concluding paragraph. Email evidence of your work to your teacher.


Please check your emails for your Maths lesson Zoom link. The adult teaching you will email you the work after the lesson. Please send your completed work back to the same adult.

Science: Oak Academy

Watch the video on how we see light, complete any questions and the final quiz. Remember to email your work to your teacher.