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At Camp Hill Primary we are ready to re-define our direction based on our moral purpose and future aspirations.


Our school mission statement and our motto communicate what we, as an organisation, do best everyday:


Mission Statement


At Camp Hill Primary we provide every individual child with rich, creative and inclusive experiences which help them grow and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and challenges!


School Motto


Growing Together



Here at Camp Hill Primary School, the views of all our learners are vital to us. All staff worked together to write a whole school vision and principles for the school, which was then shared with parents, children and Governors.


Our Vision defines our strategic direction and purpose, focusing on our goals for our learners.




Through our warm, caring and compassionate approach we will: 


- Create a safe and secure environment where all learners feel confident, valued and respected and where pastoral support, mental health and well-being is given the highest priority.

- Promote good team work through open and honest communication and a sense of shared responsibility. 

- Faster a culture of celebration where all successes are recognised. 

- Provide a bespoke and personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all learners within and beyond the classroom. 

- Provide challenge at all levels for everyone. 

- Instil a passion for learning in everyone that lasts a lifetime.  


To support an understanding of how our Vision will help us in growing and improving, we have defined how they should be developed in practice.



To create a safe and secure environment

... by ensuring emotional well-being and physical safety is the highest priority in the school.

To ensure all learners feel confident 

... by helping children to recognise what they know and can do and to be determined to improve. 

To ensure children are valued and respected 

... by listening to children, ensuring they are active contributors in their own learning and development. 

To ensure pastoral support, mental health and well-being is given the highest priority 

... by putting sufficient emphasis on learning about mental health within the planned curriculum and providing pastoral support throughout school life. 

To ensure good team work through open and honest communication

... by valuing and respecting the important contribution the school and families provide in children’s lives.

To ensure a sense of shared responsibility

… by supporting everyone in the school community to understand their role in fulfilling their own potential and that of others.

To foster a culture of celebration where all successes are recognised

… by seeking out opportunities to give positive feedback to all learners.

To provide a bespoke and personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all learners

… by developing and embedding knowledge and skills through inclusive learning experiences.

To provide learning experiences within and beyond the classroom

… by ensuring rich and creative first hand experiences, supporting cultural capital and enabling learners to grow and prepare whilst building upon previous learning.

To provide challenge at all levels for everyone

… by providing support and encouragement to enable learners to reach their own goals and aspirations.

To instil a passion for learning in everyone that lasts a lifetime

… by providing a broad and balanced curriculum in all National Curriculum subjects which inspires learners and recognises talents and strengths.


Based on our knowledge of our community of learners, we have identified key drivers as essential to ensuring success in achieving our Vision.


Key Drivers - The 3 C's 


Compassion - Engage, Enable, Support, Equip

Community - Diversity, Inclusions, First Hand Experience

Communication - Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

National requirements and school requirements are mapped out as a whole school and then individual year groups plan the curriculum for their pupils accordingly. The curriculum is underpinned by the school’s Key Drivers and these are taught on their own and through other areas of the curriculum, including assemblies with reading and phonics at Camp Hill being a real focus. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society (Fundamental British Values) are woven throughout the curriculum.


The design of our curriculum also ensures that children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of enrichment experiences such as trips and visits, sporting, cultural and outdoor/forest school activities. These are built into the curriculum and provide children with opportunities they might not normally experience. There are also planned whole school events across the year that allow us to come together as a school community.


If you would like to find out any more about our curriculum please contact the school or see our Dimensions Curriculum Policy below.

Here is an overview of the National Curriculum:

Dimensions Curriculum


At Camp Hill Primary we have embarked on a curriculum that is outward-facing, relevant, nurturing, and inclusive. We want our pupils to become educated and responsible global citizens, developing their cultural capital, whilst teaching them all about human creativity and achievement.