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Welcome to our online safety page. Here you can find information about staying safe online.

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Online Safety Concerns

If you have any Online Safety concerns or questions about Online Safety then please use this form to contact us. All concerns or questions will be dealt with on a confidential basis.

We have been made aware of some serious problems with some children's programmes on YouTube. Some shows supposedly featuring popular characters such as Peppa Pig, actually feature dark, disgusting storylines which children should not be watching. These shows use characters as a disguise and show children how to do some very serious and inappropriate things. Please be aware and supervise any shows your child is watching as they are getting through child filters due to the characters.

Online Safety Websites

360 Degree Safe Progress

360 Degree Safe Progress 1
360 Degree Safe Progress 2
We are currently working towards the 360 Degree Safe Accreditation to ensure that we are going above and beyond when it comes to teaching our children how to be safe online.