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School Clubs

Here at Camp Hill, we believe that being at school is not just about the learning our children do between 8.50 and 3.20 but it is also about acquiring and developing new skills to go into society.

We are proud to offer a range of different clubs that happen before school, during lunchtime and also after school. These clubs are not only fun but aim to boost your child's self-esteem, confidence and give them the opportunity to succeed in different areas that they may previously have found hard.
As well as offering a vast range of clubs for your child to access, we also offer before and after school provision too!

Breakfast club runs from 8am until the beginning of the school day and your child can come and meet new friends, join in a range of games and most importantly have their most important meal of the day! Having breakfast will give your child more energy, ready for their school day and in turn help them to achieve more! The cost of Breakfast club is £2.50 per day per child.

Our after school provision runs from the end of the school day until 5.30pm. This provision has been heavily subsidised by school and therefore the price will be £4.50 per child per night for your child to stay for 2 hours after school. There will be a range of activities organised by the members of staff running it and time given to ensure your child's needs are met.