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The school has 420 places for 4-11 year olds and offers 52 nursery sessions for 3-4 year olds.  The Governors used their Community Powers to offer an additional 21 nursery sessions and extend the age range to allow for 2 year olds.  It is Camp Hill’s intention to continue to offer 21 additional nursery sessions for 2-4 year olds once we convert to Academy status.  We have informed Warwickshire County Council of our intention to do so


Applying for your child to attend Camp Hill Primary School


Camp Hill Primary School follows the Local Authority admission process.


What to do

  • Parents must apply for a school place through their Warwickshire Local Authority
  • Parents may apply for a place at any preferred school
  • Non-Warwickshire schools can be listed on the Warwickshire application form
  • If you live within a school’s priority area you have more chance of your child being offered a place at that school
  • Living within the priority area does not guarantee an offer of a place at that school as there may be more applicants living within the priority area than the number of places available
  • Warwickshire residents are encouraged to apply online, otherwise call the admissions office
  • The Headteacher can tell you about the admission arrangements and the opportunities to visit the school
  • Places are offered according to the admissions criteria. Late applications will be considered after all those received on-time.

More information on applying to our school can be found on the website below and in the admissions policy.