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The school has 420 places for 4-11 year olds and offers 73 nursery sessions for 3-4 year olds.  


Applying for your child to attend Camp Hill Primary School


Camp Hill Primary School follows the Local Authority admission process.


What to do

  • Parents must apply for a school place through their Warwickshire Local Authority
  • Parents may apply for a place at any preferred school
  • Non-Warwickshire schools can be listed on the Warwickshire application form
  • If you live within a school’s priority area you have more chance of your child being offered a place at that school
  • Living within the priority area does not guarantee an offer of a place at that school as there may be more applicants living within the priority area than the number of places available
  • Warwickshire residents are encouraged to apply online, otherwise call the admissions office
  • The Headteacher can tell you about the admission arrangements and the opportunities to visit the school
  • Places are offered according to the admissions criteria. Late applications will be considered after all those received on-time.

More information on applying to our school can be found on the website below and in the admissions policy.