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Year 6

World Children's Day


On Friday 20th November it was World Children's Day, the theme of the day was Climate Change. Year 6 looked at reducing waste and how this could help the environment. We set the children a task to create their own recyclable wrapping paper that could be used at Christmas. They all did a fantastic job and we all love the finished product! 

Yeast Experiment 


During our Science topic on classifying organisms, we found out what microorganisms are and how they are grouped. We also did an experiment to find out which food yeast (micro-organism) likes the best. Take a look at the wonderful photographs of us taking part in the experiment...

Heart Dissection


Year Six literally felt like they had their hearts in their mouths during Science this week, as they watched their teacher dissect a sheep's heart! The children learned all about the circulatory system and the different parts of the heart. They were taught that the circulatory system is made up of blood vessels that carry blood towards and away from the heart. Some children also took the exciting opportunity to put on gloves and touch the heart if they wished... what an experience! I am sure this experience will stay with the children for the rest of their lives! Well done Year Six...what a great Science lesson! 😀

Year 6 Trip To Cadbury's World


Year 6 visited Cadbury World as part of their history topic on Ancient Maya. Our day began with an interactive talk on the Ancient Maya Civilisation, the speaker showed us ancient hieroglyphics and how the Mayan's used them to document their life which is how we know about it today. We found out about the game of Pok-A-Tok and human sacrifices. We also learnt about how the Mayan’s used cocoa beans. After the talk, we went into a 4D cinema which took us on a virtual chocolate ride. After lunch, we walked through the Cadbury Chocolate tour. During the tour, we learnt about the history of Cadbury’s and how to temper chocolate, we then got to write our name in melted chocolate before being given our own pot filled with melted chocolate to eat! After going on the Cadabra ride, we headed to the interactive game zone and the Cadbury shop before returning back to school. We had such a great day!