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Year 6

WWI Art Work


Here are some examples of the WWI Trench sketches that Year 6 produced during their Art lessons.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

RE Day


Today, the whole school celebrated Diwali. Year 6 learnt all about Diwali and what Hindus and Sikhs do to mark this special occasion. They designed rangoli patterns outside using chalk and coloured sand and also had mendhi patterns on their hands using henna. They really enjoyed tasting some traditional Indian foods this afternoon - so did the staff! We had a great day!

Transition Day

During transition day, we took part in an egg challenge. We had a limited amount of resources and had to make a suitable carrier that would protect the egg from being broken when dropped from a height. We worked really well in our teams and it was a very close call between the winners!