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History Subject Curriculum Intent Statement

We will ensure that we teach high quality history lessons that inspire children to want to know more about the past and to think and act as historians, developing children with the essential characteristics to help them become historians. As a school, it is our aim to instil a love of History in all children, inspiring learners through high quality first-hand experiences enabling them to build on their existing and emerging talents and strengths. To offer rich and creative opportunities for children to learn and grow in a warm, caring and safe environment through an interesting and varied history curriculum that interests and intrigues our children while meeting the needs of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. From EYFS up to the end of KS2, the children will be taught about a wide, variety of historical events and famous historical figures, instilling a compassion towards those figures and events, of which have shaped the world today. Teaching staff will support the children’s cultural capital and as the learner’s progress they will build on prior knowledge. We will start with what children know and can do to develop and embed essential historical knowledge and skills. To create opportunities to link History to other subjects within school as well as making links to our community and families so that all our learners are fully enabled, engaged, supported and equipped. Through our history curriculum we will develop the children’s communication skills so that they are able to maximise their learning potential.

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