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Modern Foreign Languages


MFL- Statement of Intent

The core language taught at Camp Hill Primary School is French. Our planning is based on the Primary Languages Network (PLN) scheme of work which covers all the components of the Programme of Study as well as all 12 DfE attainment targets. It is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of French by their class teacher in order to adequately prepare them and inspire them for learning languages at KS3. This teaching and content will include rich and creative opportunities for children to learn and grow. We inspire children through high-quality first-hand experiences which support their cultural capital. Teaching of MFL will take into consideration prior knowledge, through open communication with the previous year’s teacher, to enable them to build on their existing and emerging talents and strengths. KS1 children will be introduced to MFL through exploring French and other languages, informally, when appropriate, to support and encourage a passion for languages.


MFL Long Term Plan

Examples of Childrens' Writing