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February 2022 Painting in the style of Kandinsky and Jim Dine

February 2022: reading the story of Stickman and exploring the concepts of floating, sinking and tracheotomy.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

December 2021 Celebrating Christmas

One Dark Night

November 2021 Phonics in Nursery The activities in Phase One are mainly adult led with the intention of our children tuning into sounds, listening and remembering and talking about the sounds they hear. The activities we plan are designed to help the children to learn attentively, enlarge their vocabulary, speak confidently to other children, discriminate phonemes, reproduce sounds they hear and begin to sound talk. Alongside these carefully planned activities we also draw upon opportunities to develop these skills through freely chose activities. We aim to embed Phase One activities through our language rich provision and fully recognise the propensity for play and it’s importance in our children’s development.

November 2021 Time to Sleep This week the children have been learning about the seasonal changes associated with Autumn and how some animals are preparing to hibernate for winter. During group time we have read the story ‘Time to Sleep and One Cold, Dark Night’ and have talked about the animals which hibernate. During busy learning time we have made our own big brown bears and have drawn pictures of them. We have talked about how our bears are getting ready to hibernate in Nursery soon and how next week we are going to be building a big cave for them to sleep in.

November 2021 Raising money for Children in Need Today the children came to school in spotty clothes and brought in a £1 donation to help raise money for Children in Need. During group time we talked about the charity which Pudsey bear represents and the children completed a dotty outline of his face before adding colourful spots to it. Later that morning the children had lots of fun making spotty biscuits and they enjoyed eating these alongside their friends at snack time.

Rememberance Day: The children in nursery have been learning about the brave soldiers who have died or become hurt in the wars. Today we watched a video clip to help use reflect upon their bravery. The children also made their own poppies and poppy hats and took part in a two minute silence as a mark of respect.

November 2021 Celebrating the Sikh festival of Diwali on Thursday 4th November we talked about the Sikh festival of Diwali. The children viewed pictures on the computer and Miss Panesar told us all about how her family celebrate Diwali. During our busy learning activities the children had lots of fun making a clay Mendhi hand and using paints to paint Rangoli pattern. They especially enjoyed dressing up in traditional dress and joined in really well when Miss Panesar taught the children how to do Bhangra dancing. At the end of the morning Miss Panesar showed us how to light a special diva light and we all ate some delicious Indian food which Miss Panesar family had tried. The children watched carefully as the diva light was lit and was willing to try the new Indian foods too. We had such a lovely time celebrating Diwali.

November 2021 : Our Autumn walk to Stubbs Pool Context: Many of the children had noticed the fallen leaves in our outdoor area and some children had started to bring in leaves, sticks and twigs that they had found on the way to school. We talked about the changing season and then went on our own Autumn walk around Stubbs Pool to see what signs of Autumn we could find around our school. We looked at the changes in the natural environment and had lots of fun throwing the leaves in the air, creating tree rubbings and threading leaves onto laces.

November 2021 ; This week the children have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the celebrations on the 5th November. We listened to the story Guy Fawkes and we learnt about ways in which the story is remembered each year. We talked about the shapes and colours fireworks made in the sky and created our own firework pictures on the computer. We made our own firework fruit rockets and firework toast and made safe sparklers in the creative area. We talked about the sounds and ways in which fireworks moved in the sky and we performed our own firework actions and write dance in the outdoor area. We talked about the firework code and learnt how to be safe on Bonfire Night