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November Children in Need:Today the children came to school in spotty clothes and brought in a £1 donation to help raise money for Children in Need. During welcome time we talked about the charity that Pudsey Bear represented and the children then completed a dotty outline of Pudsey's face before adding colourful spots to this. Later that morning the children had lots of fun making spotty biscuits they enjoyed eating them alongside their friends at snack time.

November 2019 Our Autumn Walk: Many of the children had noticed the fallen leaves in our outdoor area and some children had started to bring in leaves, sticks and twigs that they had found on the way to school. We talked about the changing season and then went on our own Autumn walk to see what signs of Autumn we could find around our school. We looked at the changes in the natural environment and had lots of fun throwing the leaves in the air, creating tree rubbings and threading leaves onto laces.

Autumn in Forest School. The children in Nursery enjoyed their first visit to forest school today. After knocking on the gate to ask the forest school if they could enter the children explored the willow tunnel. some children discovered a large hole and decided that it was dangerous. foloowing their lead staff supoorted children in their thinking of how this whole could be made safer. They children decided to that it needed to be filled and set about finding leaves, sticks and apples to place in it. they alos placed a big stick in their to mark the hole and warn people of danger. The children worked successfully to fill the hole and showed good team work skills and lots of problem solving skills. During their time in forest school some children showed interest in the activity bags. They collected leaves sticks, grass and stones and pressed these into the clay to make decorations. Some children also worked together to create a piece o natural art finding natural items to match colour cards.

November 2019. Remembrance Day:Today we talked about Remembrance Day and the red poppies which we wear to remember the brave soldiers. The children then watched a lovely CBeebies clip about Remembrance Day. During group time the children made their own Poppy and proudly wore them on their uniform.

November 2019. Fireworks:This week the children have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the celebrations on the 5th November. We listened to the story Guy Fawkes and we learnt about ways in which the story is remembered each year. We talked about the shapes and colours o the fireworks we had seen in the sky and created our own firework pictures on the computer. We made our own fruit rockets and firework toast in the snack area and made sparkly Catherine wheel pictures with glitter too. We talked about the sounds and ways in which fireworks moved in the sky and we performed our own firework actions and write dance in the outdoor area. We talked about the firework code and learnt how to be safe on Bonfire Night.

October 2019 Halloween: The children listened to the story of a Room on the Broom. They used the story sack resources to retell the story and made magic potions in the water tray. The children also developed skills in pumpkin tapping and learnt to make and decorate Halloween cookies. At the end of the week the children dressed up for our Halloween party.

October 2019: Pumpkin picking at Poplars Farm. The children enjoyed visiting the farm and took a tractor trailer ride through the fields. Richard the farmer talked to the children about the different vegetables which were growing and he then stopped the tractor so that the children could pick their own pumpkins for Nursery. After the tractor ride the children explored the farm yard. They saw the singing pumpkins in the barn and had fun travelling under and around the large Incey Wincey spider.

October 2019. This week Mr Booth came to join us in Nursery and he delivered our first busy feet movement session. The children had lots of fun exploring different ways of moving and travelling around.

September 2019: MacMillian Cake Sale This week the children in Nursery were busy baking cakes and making jam tarts ready for our cake sale. On Thursday we held a coffee morning and cake sale and raised just over £145 for Mac Millian Cancer Support which is amazing,

September 2019:Harvesting our vegetables. This week the children have been harvesting the carrots, onions and runner beans from the vegetable patch and have picked the tomatoes from the greenhouse. After washing and preparing the carrots and tomatoes the children enjoyed eating them at snack time. As we had so much produce we decided to set up our own community garden pop up shop and sold our produce to our grown ups and staff in school.

Our Butterfly Room: We are so pleased with how our new 2 year old children have settled into Nursery. They are all now bravely saying goodbye to their grown ups and are becoming more independent in exploring the learning areas. This week we have had fun both indoors and outdoors and the children are building good relationships with familar adults through their play.

Lunchtime in Nursery: The full time children are enjoying having their lunch together at Nursery. We are really pleased with how well they are following the routines of hand washing and eating.We are also hearing lots of beautiful manners which is fantastic. Well done full time Nursery.

September 2019: Our first week at Nursery: This week the children have bravely said goodbye to their grown ups and have set off to explore the Nursery environment. The children have all settled so well and are beginning to build relationships with staff and other children. We are very proud of them.