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Online Safety Celebration Assembly

On the 12th and 19th June we held two celebration assemblies, to which parents were invited to view the online safety work that each class across the school has created this year.The assemblies were a huge success and I'm sure that all the parents that attended were very impressed at the hard work each and every member of our school had put in.


Unfortunately, we are unable to post videos of the live performances. However, photographs from the assemblies will also be posted here soon.

Everyone in our school learns about how to keep safe online and is prompted to make safe decisions regarding their online safety every single day. We make use of ICT all the time at home and school; whether it be on our smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Therefore it is important that we consider ways to keep ourselves and those around us safe each and every day.


In this section we will share and celebrate some of the work we do throughout the school about online safety.

The winners of our Online Safety Rules Competition set up by the Online Safety Cadets have been announced.  There were so many fantastic entries that it was extremely difficult to choose. The Online Safety Committee narrowed it down to the 4 winners below, well done everybody who entered!

Winners of the Online Safety Rules Competition

All classes across Camp Hill Primary School will learn these rules and they will be displayed all over the school to remind us how to keep safe online.

Safer Internet Week (6th - 10th Feb 2017)

Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet

Our School Question: If you Were Boss of the Internet for a Day, How Would you Make it Safer?

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 5 wrote and produced some fantastic videos to depict their ideas for making the internet safer.

The children had some great ideas, for instance: 
1.One group suggested that everyone in the world should be issued with a unique pin number when they turn 16 which allows them access to adult suitable websites. Until then, children under the age of 16 would only be able to access limited, child appropriate, areas of the web.
2. Another group of children thought that each search engine could rate each website they link to with a certain amount of stars, e.g. 1 star = websites with inappropriate content, 2 stars = websites only appropriate for adults, 3 stars = websites appropriate for all.
3. One of the other groups came up with the idea of a security system for social networking sites where people's pages would be monitored and they would be issued with a ban from the site which varied in length according to the offence they committed, e.g. offensive language would receive a 1 week ban from the site.

We were so impressed with the creative ideas they had, well done year 5!

Check out some of the children's videos below.

Super Safe Agency

Still image for this video

Cool Cookies Productions

Still image for this video

Cool Productions

Still image for this video

Intelligent Boy Studios

Still image for this video

Go Internet Safety

Still image for this video

Year 6