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English Rationale:

At Camp Hill, we believe that English underpins learning across the curriculum and is an integral part of preparing our children for their future. We recognise that this process begins in our Early Years setting, where many of our children enter school with very poor language skills. At Camp Hill, we strive to develop articulate speakers, inspired writers and avid readers, who can apply their knowledge of English and communicate in a constantly ever-changing world.


Writing Rationale:

Our curriculum recognises the varied needs of our children and allows every child to maximise their learning potential in English and succeed. We aim to immerse our pupils in high quality texts, which help children develop their acquisition of wider vocabulary and address gaps. At Camp Hill, our context is predominantly White/British and so our English curriculum aims to develop children’s cultural capital by exploring and appreciating our rich and varied literary heritage, including an appreciation of our locality. By carefully choosing the literature we expose our children to, we aim to develop them into competent and skilful writers, who can write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Teachers provide children with opportunities to discuss and analyse texts, talk about their ideas, role play scenarios and practise skills so that they understand how to build on the basic skills of sentence writing; producing pieces that are interesting and engaging for the reader as well as being punctuated correctly and grammatically correct.


Reading Rationale:

Why have we chosen Bug Club?

Throughout the school, we use Bug Club, so all children have access to a vast online library of eBooks that provide them with a wide range of texts linked to their reading level and interests. Bug Club supports decoding and each book contains questions which support the development of retrieval, inference and vocabulary. We teach pupils to read a wide range of genres with accuracy, fluency and understanding and support vocabulary development through all reading activities. At Camp Hill, we believe that the teaching of reading is fundamental to children’s progress across the curriculum and that exposing children to great literature opens them up to ideas, experiences, places and times they may never otherwise experience in real life. We actively encourage all children to read for pleasure and become life-long lovers of reading.


Grammar & Punctuation Rationale:

Why have we chosen Classroom Secrets?

We understand that for children to be successful in their writing, using the correct grammatical structures and punctuation is essential. Across the school, we use Classroom Secrets to progressively build children’s knowledge of grammar and punctuation, giving them the opportunity to consolidate what they know and apply this to their writing. We have high expectations of writing for our children.


Spelling Rationale:

Why have we chosen Bug Club and Grammarsaurs?

We firmly believe that spelling is essential for children to be able to communicate effectively, not only in their writing, but also across the curriculum and in their everyday lives. We ensure that there is consistency throughout the school, with children building confidence to spell more challenging and ambitious words alongside developing a rich and varied vocabulary. As children move through KS1 to KS2, the emphasis in the teaching objectives shifts from the teaching of phonics to more focussed teaching of spelling strategies, conventions and rules, using Grammarsaurus as a guide to build upon a child’s established phonological knowledge.


Handwriting Rationale:

Why have we chosen LetterJoin?

Handwriting is a complex skill involving a wide range of cognitive, linguistic, perceptual and motor abilities and we encourage our children to adapt the correct pencil grip and writing posture from the start of their school life. Using LetterJoin throughout the school ensures a consistent approach to the teaching of handwriting. Children are given regular opportunities in all year groups to learn, practice and apply specific handwriting skills that enable them to write with a fluent and legible style.




At Camp Hill Primary School, English and the teaching of English is the foundation of our curriculum. Our main aim is to ensure that every single child becomes primary literate and progresses in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening during their time with us. We recognise that each child has their own starting points upon entry to every year group and progress is measured in line with these starting points to ensure every child can celebrate their own success. Children of all abilities are supported and enabled to achieve through a broad and balanced curriculum. 

English is not only a daily, discrete lesson, but is at the core of our entire curriculum.  It is embedded within all of our lessons and we strive for a high level of English for all. Through exposure to a variety of genres and diverse authors, alongside spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, children are immersed in vocabulary rich learning environments that ensure they are equipped to write accurately and coherently for a variety of purposes and audiences.  

At Camp Hill we strive to create a positive reading and writing culture in school, where both are promoted, enjoyed and considered a ‘pleasure’ for all pupils. Our vision is for creativity to be at the forefront of our English curriculum and for children to learn new skills in a fun and engaging way. This skills progression is evident in children’s books throughout the school. Pupils are proud of their writing and take pride in their work, using a cursive style to present their work to a high standard.

Long Term Plan - Writing